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The 2019 Haunting Season has begun!

The next three months are, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. I often feel like early August is the beginning of the Season of Halloween-that this is the initial onset of the annual thinning of the veil between the world of the living and that of the dead. It is the start of the days where I can feel the magic of Halloween faintly tingling in the air. On a less dramatic and more conventional note, we have already spotted some Halloween decor at the craft store, and celebrated by indulging in some ghost Peeps and candy corn! I like to think that the appearance of ghastly decor and spooky treats is confirmation that the spirit of Halloween is awakening and creeping into the collective unconscious.

In our house, we refer to this time of the year as "Ghost Season". For me, one of the best parts of Ghost Season is that it our tours have started! Our 2019 haunting season kicked off last weekend, with our Keyport Ghost Tour. This tour has been operating since 2006-we have actually been scaring our guests for 14 years! And this year, we have some ghoulishly exciting events planned!

On October 19th, we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Annual Keyport Witch Walk. Stay tuned for some fun announcements about that, and I would suggest getting your hats ready!

Last year, we started our first Keyport Ghosts of Christmas Past Tour. We are excited to be offering those tours again this year, and we have added a Red Bank Christmas Tour. Tour dates will be posted soon, and tickets will be available online.

Please follow us on our Facebook page for upcoming announcements. Hope to scare you soon!

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